Karlovy Vary - treatment and recreation

Karlovy Vary - the city for people who appreciate rest and tranquility, who understand beauty, defenselessness and boisterous force of nature.

Karlovy Vary - a fairy tale, as embodied in the architecture

Karlovy VaryKarlovy Vary - Visit our city well-kept parks and gardens, a whole spectrum of unique fairy houses and buildings of various architectural styles, a city of grand cafes also a seductive shops, which are replaced by majestic hills, immersed in amazing green surroundings. Visit and you fall in love with this town forever.

Here it is a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure! Those who need peace and tranquility on holiday will find a beautiful well maintained gardens and parks with sweeping city views, galleries, cafes and restaurants. For outdoor enthusiasts have the opportunity to go horse-riding, mountain biking, tennis, golf, enjoy the fresh mountain air, walking along many trails spa of the forest.

Karlovy Vary - spa treatment and amazing vacation

Treatment in Karlovy Vary is based on three main components: mineral water, clear mountain air, relaxed friendly atmosphere. Treatment in Karlovy Vary has a healing effect not only on the body but also the soul. It is not surprising that the city has become a favorite fairy-tale destination for many famous people. At one time in Karlovy Vary were treated Peter I, Goethe, Chopin, Bach, Paganini, Beethoven, Turgenev and Liszt. At the resort has been preserved trail Gogol.
Karlovy Vary
The modern resort offers an amazing variety of entertainment, tours and therapeutic procedures. You will not to be bored here. Restless fans have the opportunity to go sightseeing to Germany, see the old castles and singing fountain in Marianske Lazne. Many festivals of jazz and classical music, opera, film festivals, music competitions will enjoy connoisseurs. Spa treatment in Karlovy Vary include drinking mineral water, taking baths, spa treatments, massage. For a dosage of exploring the beautiful landscapes and in the vicinity of the city was built more than 100 kilometers of tracks terrainkur.

Mineral springs health and long life

Spa treatment in Karlovy Vary evolving and improving over 600 years. According to legend, the first patient, who suggested treatments, himself was Charles IV. Struck by the efficiency of the local mineral water, he founded a settlement at the source, from which has grown the famous spa resort. Currently, the surface there are twelve mineral springs with different water temperature and carbon dioxide content. Do you know, that in Karlovy Vary a very unusual spring № 13 - the famous liqueur Becherovka? It consists of mineral water, 20 kinds of herbs and spices. The recipe is considered a state secret of the Czech republic.

We invite you to join the pleasure time in Karlovy Vary. We will find you the best program of leisure and treatment!

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